From dinner for your family to a banquet for hundreds, Roberts Cuisine is Birmingham’s Most Versatile Caterer. Give us a call at 205-918-0356 to discuss your needs.



Pulled Pork

Our Championship pulled pork shoulder takes 24 hours to prepare and is smoked over pecan wood for up to 14 hours. After cooking, we hand pull the meat to preserve it's tenderness and flavor

Pulled Chicken

Our tender chicken is brined, seasoned and slow smoked, then hand pulled. Perfect for sandwiches to feed a crowd.

Barbeque Ribs

The Award Winning taste that started it all. Our meaty, expertly prepared and smoked ribs are still a favorite. Excellent with our without our famous homemade BBQ Sauce!

BBQ Beef Brisket

Slow Smoked for up to 14 hours, our Award Winning Beef Brisket will be a hit.


Our famous BBQ Ribs, cut into bite sized pieces. Perfect for a party!

Smoked or Roasted Turkey

Brined for 36-48 Hours and smoked or oven Roasted , Our Turkeys are great for the Holidays or at any time. Order whole for an impressive table presentation on sliced for ease of serving. Smoked or Roasted Turkeys are available in weights of 12 to 25 lbs.

BBQ Chicken

Our BBQ Chicken is hand rubbed with our signature spices, lightly smoked and basted with our signature BBQ sauce. Order whole, 1/4 cut, or just wings, legs, or breasts.
Cajun Fried Turkey +

Fried Turkey

You can have our delicious Cajun Fried Turkey anytime. Order whole for any impressive presentation or sliced for ease of serving. Fried Turkeys are available in weights from 12 to 15 lbs.


A Classic comfort food, our meatloaf features Dan's Original Barbeque Sauce. Available with Sweet Red or Savory Brown gravy (with our without mushrooms)
Prime Rib +

Prime Rib

Rubbed with our own mix of Spices and slow roasted to perfection. Our Prime Rib can be the centerpiece of your table.
Jambalaya +


This classic rice dish of chicken, sausage and (optionally) seafood will bring the taste of New Orleans to your next gathering!