Dan and Audrey Roberts

Dan Robert Roberts Catering pic.JPGRoberts Cuisine was founded by the husband and wife team of Dan and Audrey Roberts in 1996. Dan came from a Corporate IT background and Audrey from Fashion and Design. Inspired by compliments from friends and family on Dan’s BBQ Ribs, he entered a local contest and placed third, besting several teams from famous local restaurants competing in the event. From that experience came The Tenderonies, a championship BBQ Team on the KCBS circuit, competing in events throughout the Southeast. A successful catering business grew from word of mouth spread by customers throughout the Birmingham area.

Located in the historic Titusville neighborhood on the Southside of Birmingham since 2005, Dan and Audrey opened a Restaurant serving a traditional Southern Sunday Dinner in a addition to the catering business.img_1759

Although our food is traditional Southern, we fully embrace modern trends for healthier cooking. When we fry, we use trans fat free oils such a peanut and soybean oil. We use Kosher salt and Low Sodium versions of products that contain salt whenever we can. Our vegetables such as green beans are never from cans are typically steamed or lightly cooked to preserve nutrients. We replace ham hocks and pork fat in our southern vegetable recipes with our own smoked turkey. We also take the time to make our own sodium-free broths and stocks from scratch.